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Compex Sp4.0


RRP: $933.90 (inc GST)

Product Code: RP-AU-2536120

Built with Compex electro-stimulators, the Compex SP 4.0 is the ideal solution to aid your performance and speed your recovery. Take the next step and utilise the technology like Professional Athletes Camille LeBlanc Bazinet and Josh Bridges.

When do you use the Compex SP 4.0?

·         Pre / During / Post Workout

·         Recovery from Injuries

What are the benefits of the Compex SP 4.0

An advanced muscle stimulator, it will alleviate the stresses and strains put upon your body during your workout and help you to recover faster an in less pain than you may normally experience.

What are the key uses of the Compex SP 4.0?

·         Toning, Firming and Shaping

·         Massage and Oxygenation

·         Targeted Muscle Stimulation

·         Resistance

·         Treat Muscle Strain and Provide Pain Relief

·         Body Building and Increase St