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Compex Sp6.0 Wireless

Compex Sp6.0 Wireless


RRP: $1375.00 (inc GST)

Product Code: RP-AU-2538120

The ultimate workout tool for professional athletes the Compex SP Wireless 6.0 is wireless muscle stimulator designed to maintain your muscles and assist recovery from injury through the use of individualised electrical impulses.

What sets the Compex SP 6.0 apart?

·         Utilises a muscle intelligence technology, a professional muscle contracting system that mimics the electrical impulses sent from the brain to your muscles.

·         Employed alongside the built-in MI-Scan function, that can automatically adjust the electro-stimulator setting to suit your own personal muscle attributes

·         Provide you with a more individualised understanding of your muscles physiology and help to prevent injury, treat pain, aid recovery and ensure an all-round improvement to your workout is made.

When do you use the Compex SP 6.0?

·         Pre Workout / During / Post Workout

·         During Recovery from Injuries

Who would benefit from the Compex SP 6.0?

·         Professional athletes

·         Athletes recovering from injury

·         Athletes seeking to develop levels of fitness

What are the key uses of the Compex SP 6.0?

·         Body Building and Increase Strength

·         Massage and Oxygenation

·         Targeted Muscle Stimulation

·         Treat Muscle Strain and Provide Pain Relief

·         Resistance

·         Toning, Firming and Shaping

How does the Compex SP 6.0 work?

·         Compex SP Wireless 6.0 is a highly compact and intelligent device that is simple to use and operate.

·         By placing the electrodes on the muscles you wish to stimulate and selecting a program of your choice from the menu

·         You can work your muscles at the touch of a button

·         Easy to use colour screen will also show you the optimum position in which to place the electrodes.

What programs are featured on the Compex SP 6.0?

With a selection of individual program categories - Conditioning, Pain management, R